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01 Dec 2012 18:17 wilneeley

Are you still working on this?

08 Jun 2002 16:38 freebsd

Re: SV is cool - images
This is my favorite all time game, and the new graphics look great!

21 Dec 2001 23:32 dlsanders

Re: SV is cool - images (

The corrected address... sorry :o(

21 Dec 2001 23:29 dlsanders

SV is cool - images
SV is cool - definitely "playable" and I have killed way too many hours playing it. Oh! But Wait! I also created some new images for it! Aha! ... anyhoot point your browser this way to get some new SV images: (

15 Sep 2001 17:30 Dangerous

A return to the good old days
Exactly what I like to see - a game oozing playability. SV does not waste time with bloated graphics but rather is a neat, clean, well written piece of software that focuses on the core values that a true gamer holds dear - memories of Elite on the Beeb come to mind :-)
Kudos to the author for ensuring ground up cross platform compatibility - so far I've seen no big/little endian issues.
Though fairly simple at the moment, each new release advances leaps and bounds and I can't see it being long before SV has developed a fair sized fan base.

17 Aug 2001 14:42 zozo2001

nice looking
looks nice .. needs some better grafix but i like it .. ceep it up .. looks a little like Xship wars too .. oh well


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