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Release Notes: CLI support was added for classical tar, cpio, pax, and gnutar. Reliable incremental backup and restore have been implemented using the basic ideas from ufsdump and ufsrestore. A configurable error control mechanism allows the user to selectively ignore certain problems. Star now implements a fast and reliable -copy option. Star now implements true and efficient sparse file support for Solaris 11 (and Solaris 10 updates). Star now implements reliable multi-volume support with automated tape end/size recognition. Star now uses "libfind" and thus allows the use of find(1) syntax in star command lines.

  •  17 Feb 2003 04:17

Release Notes: A bug with ACLs where the user or group name contained spaces was fixed, as was a bug that caused broken archives to be created if the POSIX.1-2001 extended format was used for sparse files larger than 8 GB. A bug that caused a core dump when UNIX-98 TAR compatibility mode was invoked with no argument to the -b option was fixed. Several portability enhancements were also made.

  •  25 Nov 2002 09:19

Release Notes: A bug in the ACL handling code on Linux that caused star to recognize ACL comments as ACL entries and include them in the archive was fixed. A work-around was added to allow star to read ACL enhanced archives that include bogus entries that really were ACL comments created by the bug above. Several backports were made for bugfixes from star-1.5a09. The program now falls back to the non-root mode remote tape interface if necessary. ssh(1) can now be used to initiate a rmt connection.

  •  25 Jun 2002 04:25

Release Notes: Fixed a bug with extracting Access Control Lists if the user name is not in the passwd file, and a bug that caused "star cf - ..." to complain. There is also better OS/2 support, a new program "tartest" to verify TAR archives for POSIX.1-1990 compliance, and a new TAR test suite in subdirectory "testscripts".

Release Notes: Largefile support, ACL support, support for extended file flags (*BSD/Linux), support for the PAX format (POSIX.1-2001 extended tar), preparations for true incremental backups (e.g.,. archive all inode metadata/archive metadata only) to allow up/downward compatibility with star 1.5, automatic decompression, locking FIFO in memory if run by root for better tape streaming, speed improvements for several usage profiles, and several new supported platforms (QNX, BeOS, Gnu-Hurd, etc.).


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