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Release Notes: star -version now prints the compile options. Star has been prepared for a future POSIX.1-2001 extended tar header keyword, "SCHILY.acl.type". Incremental dump mode now compares whether info->f_mtime >= Newer.tv_sec.

Release Notes: The case of "star -f /dev/stdout" is caught and star is still allowed to avoid adding the archive file to the archive. The new diffopts=symperm feature allows you to exclude comparing permissions with symlinks.

Release Notes: A page aligned buffer is now also used in the -no-fifo to improve speed. scpio now prints the CPIO message "xxx blocks" instead of the Star statistics line. A new -cpio-statistics option also causes CPIO style statistics to be output. An -xmeta option allows you to "extract" meta files from a star archive that has been created with "star -c -meta". A -link-data option allows star to add data to hard links in archives. Record locking is now performed on the /etc/tardumps file.

  •  09 Oct 2007 10:08

Release Notes: "star -diff -sparse" no longer compares "sparseness" for hardlinks if there is no data for the file in the archive.

  •  13 Sep 2007 11:29

Release Notes: This release fixes a core dump problem with gcc compiled binaries and -data-change-warn. The file star-symtable is now written in a way that is safe against system crashes during writes. To keep directory time stamps, star no longer recreates symlinks and special files in incremental restore mode if the files are identical.

  •  23 Aug 2007 07:24

Release Notes: A bug that caused star to accept "foo//..//../bar" as a safe filename for extraction was fixed.

  •  16 Jul 2007 09:02

Release Notes: In case of incremental dumps, star is now sure to write at least the directory "." to avoid empty dumps. "star -xpU -restore -force-restore" may be called to force restoring the next level dump.

  •  27 Jun 2007 07:20

Release Notes: A workaround was added to read CPIO CRC archives made by GNU cpio. This ignores the fact that cpio uses lower case letters for hex digits in the header.

Release Notes: Support for SunStudio on Linux. Linux-specific autoconf tests are now only done on Linux. As too many Linux distributions come with broken kernel include files, this release disables Linux-specific support instead of failing to compile because of broken kernel include files. Support has been added to auto create Blastwave SVr4 packages. This release installs not only binaries and manuals, but also other documentation.

Release Notes: The new -install option allows star to implement undocumented cpio behavior that carefully installs executable files on a live system. star/gnutar/suntar now support the new -X option. Many "forgotten" options are now supported in the "suntar" emulation. suntar/tar -x now behaves exactly as with a historical UNIX tar implementation. Trying to better work around some broken Linux kernel include files. Support for FreeBSD was improved. The man pages for librmt were updated. The STARvsGNUTAR file was updated.


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