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Stantor-Domodulor is a home automation software system. It lets you manage electric and electronic facilities through Web pages and WAP 2 and 1 for smartphones. Stantor can drive Velleman k8000/k8055/k8061 boards, Ethernet and USB Arduino Mega, Uno and Duemilanove boards, X10 materials, USB webcams, and sound boards. Stantor correspondents can sent alerts via email and instant messaging. The Linux distributions supported are Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Aug 2013 11:41

    Release Notes: Supply of embedded software on the Arduino Mega board for the wireless board using the extension "Wifly RN-171" module Roving Network. Implementation of a direct connection between "Stantor central Linux system" and the Arduino Mega with WiFi board "Wifly RN-171" with "Websockets-HTML5". Updates the "client_websocket_mega_slave.php" program supporting the protocol "Websocket-HTML5" to connect with the Arduino Mega with Ethernet and Wifi extension shields.

    •  27 Jun 2013 08:26

      Release Notes: This release graphical scripts for launching programs selected by the user, for the central system and remote microcomputers. The command line installation and graphical installation scripts were updated.

      •  06 Jun 2013 15:19

        Release Notes: This release adds updates for Linux kernel 3.8.X, PHP 5.4.X, and the Mageia 3 distribution, updates the configuration file for the video motion detection software Motion 3.8.12, and updates the Arduino Mega board boards' Wifi program.

        •  21 May 2013 13:46

          Release Notes: This release supplies embedded programs for an Arduino Mega board running with a WiFi connection and the "Websoket-HTML5" protocol, supplies embedded programs for the WiFi Shield "official" extension board, implements a direct Wifi-HTML5 Websockets connection between the Stantor central Linux system and Arduino Mega board with the WiFi shield "official", and changes the "client_websocket_mega.php" program to support a Watchdog mechanism which allows automatic restart disabling in dysfunction cases of the WiFi connection.

          •  12 Feb 2013 10:33

            Release Notes: This release updates the implementation of several webcams with motion connected on a microcomputer by USB, the implementation of several Arduino Mega and Uno/Duemilanove boards connected to a microcomputer by USB, the management programs Arduino Mega with "WebSocket", and the management programs Arduino Uno/Duemilanove with "WebSocket".


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