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stableUpdate is an autoupdate tool for creating, detecting, downloading, installing, and removing service packs for JAR-based Java applications. Generated updates are transferred in archives, upgrading between subsequent versions. An update contains changed single files and changed parts of JAR and ZIP files. It supports mirrors, release notes, and uninstallation of updates.

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  •  09 Nov 2004 07:56

Release Notes: This version was extended according to the requests made through the feedback Web form. Most people requested an easier mechanism for creating new updates. This version generates or extends the main update XML file. Others requested more security. The size and checksum of each update are now stored in the main XML file and can be verified after download. Thus, an unexpected change of the update file content (on the server side or during transmission) will prevent subsequent installation.

Release Notes: The ability to uninstall a previously downloaded and installed update was added.

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04 Nov 2004 06:02 Audrius_Meskauskas

stableUpdate suggestion form
The development of stableUpdate have
just started. It is possible to turn in many work direction. You
can help us to choose the right way by filling in this web form, checkboxes


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