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  •  31 Dec 2007 08:32

Release Notes: This pre-release fixes a number of bugs affecting the HA-CFS cluster filesystem, VPROC process management, and HA-LVS IP load-balancer. The kernel no longer uses 4K stacks by default to simplify DRBD-SSI installation without recompiling the kernel.

  •  02 Aug 2006 03:35

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  28 Apr 2005 13:59

Release Notes: This is a stable release, suitable for production use. A major bug that was fixed had prevented nodes from joining after failover of the init node. Also, a shmat() permission bug for non-root users has been fixed. There is a fix for the Debian version of OpenSSI to support long device names with DRBD.

  •  26 Oct 2004 22:18

Release Notes: This version is primarily a bugfix release. The top command was enhanced to display execution node numbers by default, as well as to have a localview mode. The ps --shownode and --node enhancements are working again. The init failover state file was moved to improve performance.

  •  14 Apr 2004 01:15

Release Notes: This version includes an enhanced redhat-config-network that protects the cluster interconnect from being modified, new commands for managing CDSLs, Lustre support, instructions for using OpenSSI with LTSP, an ssi-rmnode command for removing nodes, an improved upgrade script, more documentation, various kernel enhancements, and many bugfixes.


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