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07 Aug 2001 04:33 RobinWhittle

Perhaps you are looking for Portable OpenSSH or FreeSSH?

OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network
connectivity tools that increasing numbers of people on the Internet
are coming to rely on. Many users of telnet, rlogin, ftp, and other such
programs might not realize that their password is transmitted across
the Internet unencrypted, but it is. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic
(including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping,
connection hijacking, and other network-level attacks. Additionally,
OpenSSH provides a myriad of secure tunneling capabilities, as well
as a variety of authentication methods.

OpenSSH is an OpenBSD project and *Portable* OpenSSH covers:
AIX, HP-UX, Irix, Linux, NeXT, SCO, SNI/Reliant Unix, Solaris,
Digital Unix/Tru64/OSF, MacOS X, Cygwin and more . . .

There is a fab Windows SSH client called PuTTY which does
excellent terminal emulation and works perfectly with
Midnight Commander. Also Windows GUI front-ends for
the SSH file transfer program.

Likewise SSH clients and servers, for Mac, PalmOS, Java . . .
MSDOS, Windows CE, BEOS, VMS, RISCOS . . .

Apparently ownership of the trademark "SSH" is in dispute,
so not every station in the SSH firmament will help you find
the others.

- Robin

14 Sep 2000 15:03 smccrory

Nobody uses SSH - what?!
Hate to disagree Jeff, but LOTS of corporations use SSH because of the support contracts available (we have hundreds of copies running at my workplace). And while I agree that open-source workers may prefer OpenSSH for philosophical reasons, don't assume that it works for everyone. SSH is a fine product...

31 Jul 2000 13:29 jeffcovey

Re: Problems with 1.X
approximately no one uses ssh2. try openssh (

31 Jul 2000 11:55 thefreek

Problems with 1.X
I just tried the 2.X series (2.0.13) and I can't connect to my university (they're using 1.X) claiming "Illegal Protoco Version", although I edited the /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config allowing ssh1 conns and was using ./configure options to ensure compatibility.
So I will downgrade, what a shame.

22 Jul 2000 22:30 floop

Emacs SSH mode
You can find ssh.el and much more at

06 Mar 2000 19:34 starselbrg

SSH in emacs?
Has anyone found a way to use ssh through emacs to edit remote files (more specifically using scp)? This would be very usefull.

11 Aug 1999 14:27 draker

ssh1 buffer overflow vulnerability
Soren Harward's comments regarding the buffer overflow in ssh1 and the attack on are INCORRECT. If you read, you will see:


Additionally, the buffer overflow that was found in ssh-1.2.26 is very difficult to exploit, and only possible if ssh was compliled with '--with-kerberos5', which is NOT the default. Please see the official announcement ( Finally, freshmeat lists ssh-1.2.27 as the latest version, and the buffer overflow has been fixed. There is no need to upgrade to ssh version2. I am sticking with ssh1 due to the more restrictive licensing present in ssh2 (until the free version is released).

24 May 1999 14:09 sorenharwa

ssh2 / ssh1 compatibility
ssh1 has a well-known buffer-overflow problem -- it's what someone used to crack last year. ssh2 is a complete, ground-up rewrite of ssh which doesn't have the security hole -- plus it's being maintained and ssh1 isn't. You should upgrade to 2 unless you have an absolute reason not to -- as of 2.0.13, non-passworded authentication (like hostkey-only auth) has been implemented.


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