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SRR Kernel Module

The SRR Module (srripc) is a synchronous message-passing module for the Linux kernel versions 2.2.x, 2.4.x, and 2.6.x. This module provides synchronous message passing among processes and threads, queued asynchronous event notification (proxies), timed delivery of proxies and signals, triggering of proxies between tasks, and user-space interrupt handling. Synchronous message passing is a fast, flexible, and robust IPC mechanism, particularly useful for building modular systems. The SRR Module installs automatically and provides an API that allows for porting of applications between QNX and Linux.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Dec 2007 18:33

    Release Notes: This release changes the work handlers to match changes made in version 2.6.20 of the Linux kernel. Module compilation has been fixed. Support has been added for messages larger than 3 MBytes. Workarounds have been added for udev issues. Potential timer IRQ race conditions have been fixed. Spinlocks have been replaced with mutexes where swapping is allowed. Relay functions have been added. clock_getres() has been implemented. Unnecessary OOPS messages have been removed. The Sendmx() return value has been fixed.

    •  07 Mar 2005 17:09

      Release Notes: Improvements were made to support for multi-threaded applications, support for Linux 2.6.x kernels, memory bounds checking, and QNX4 compatibility. The information for proxies and interrupts in /proc was increased. Numerous bugfixes were made.

      •  14 Jul 2004 23:41

        Release Notes: Fixes to support 2.6 kernels with work tasks instead of tasklets. Tasklets cannot be used because they cause their bottom half handlers to run at interrupt time, which is a race. All code relating to tasklets has been removed.

        •  05 Jul 2004 18:20

          Release Notes: Works with threads as well as processes.

          •  11 Mar 2004 21:51

            Release Notes: Small improvements and minor bugfixes related to proxy handling, timers, task notifications, and signal flushing.


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