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SRESI is a smart bookmark manager. It currently sports both a command-line and a PHP interface. It works with both the standard hierarchical trees and the new and fashionable tagged bookmarks. It was developed as a way to interface both representation systems. SRESI can use, Mozilla, Opera, and XBEL bookmarks, and handles a few more exports besides. Directories and tags are used equivalently, and the final hierarchies are inferred from actual tag use.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Jan 2008 14:24

    Release Notes: Bookmark addition did not use the tag shortcuts. An unexplained error with merges has been fixed by a clean-up. The OCaml findlib system is used correctly in the Makefile. The verbosity type in was replaced with optional arguments. Weighted tags are now sorted alphabetically. Hinted and free sub-folders are now separated in Tag.Hierarchy.folder, as they were in the tree.

    •  16 Dec 2007 16:35

      Release Notes: The Tag API has been cleaned up and expanded. It is nearly completely documented.

      •  09 Dec 2007 14:55

        Release Notes: The missing paths bug has been fixed. The Tag interface was simplified. Tree and Portal have been fused into a Hierarchy functor. Trees can now distinguish between hint-based branches and free ones. Neither portal nor actual output use this at this time.

        •  02 Dec 2007 14:57

          Release Notes: Some of the portal paths were not computed. This bug was introduced in 0.19.5.

          •  25 Nov 2007 15:26

            Release Notes: The Message infrastructure was moved. The file only contains the message texts now. All unbalancing optimizations were removed to clear up the code in The license for was clarified: it is now LGPL with a linking exception (as explained in the file itself).


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