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squint is command that duplicates the output of a monitor into an X11 window. It is designed to allow you to display a presentation (or any other kind of demonstration) on multiple monitors at the same time without cloning the entire screen.

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  •  28 Feb 2014 02:40

Release Notes: This is a major release (code size ×4). The application is now well-integrated with X11 and is efficient (no more polling). Motions are smooth, the cursor icon is preserved, a system tray icon gives some control to the configuration, and it is aware of keyboard activity, window focus changes, and screen geometry reconfigurations.

  •  13 Feb 2014 21:08

    Release Notes: This release improves ergonomy. The window is now fullscreen and raises (or hides) automatically when the pointer enters (or leaves) the duplicated screen.

    •  02 Oct 2013 23:07

      Release Notes: This is the first release.


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