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  •  31 Mar 2012 19:58

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The database export function has been completely redesigned. Data synchronization has been added to the database comparison function. More than 150 tests have been executed, and more than 30 minor errors were corrected.

  •  19 Jul 2010 21:53

Release Notes: When connecting to a MS SQL database, you can choose between Windows and SQL Server authentication. You can save the "MSSQL Named Pipes" connecting parameter. The Java DB connecting parameter help has been fixed. In the query window, the sort function has been further developed.

  •  26 Jun 2010 19:06

Release Notes: You can now reuse the previously stored filter expressions. You can choose from among the existing databases before connecting (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL). You can store the default settings when you connect to a database. A character problem of the MySQL UPDATE statements has been fixed.

  •  04 May 2010 21:56

Release Notes: The database comparison part of the software has been totally redesigned. Every table of the whole database can be compared with only a few button presses. Configurations of comparison can be modified: columns can be taken out of the comparison. Unique keys can be configured. Comparable values can be modified by expressions. After comparison, the differences can be filtered and you can search in them. You can connect to a MSSQL server instance (sample: COMPUTER01/INSTANCE01).

  •  06 Apr 2010 11:06

    Release Notes: You can now easily connect to most common database servers: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MS Excel, MS Access, dBase, and SQLite. The UI was renewed. Open windows now appear on tabs. The freeware mode contains only the SQL query window. Bugs were fixed.

    •  24 Jan 2007 04:36

    Release Notes: The data browse, SQL query, table design, administration, export, and SQL import windows are also parts of freeware mode.

    •  30 Aug 2005 06:14

    Release Notes: Connection help was added for the StelsCSV server. During data import and export, you can choose a character encoding that is different from the default. This version has better memory management.

    •  30 Jul 2005 22:50

    Release Notes: You can now extract data with evaluating expressions from the results of SQL selects. Aggregate functions were added: avg, avgWhere, avgRange, max, min, sum, sumWhere, sumRange. In the export end result export window, you can specify the SQL command delimiter string (GO / ;). In the export and result export window, you can use the faster executing prepared statements. Handling of CLOB, BLOB, and BINARY type data has been fixed when read from an SQL server.

    •  07 Mar 2005 09:49

    Release Notes: A German translation was added. Connection help was added for the IBM Cloudscape server and InterSystems Caché server. A problem in which the program would hang at first launch if the system locale was not set to English has been fixed.


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