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sql++ is an easily configurable, feature-rich, portable command-line SQL tool. It can be used with many different databases and in place of other commandline tools such as MySQL's mysql-client, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL's psql, and Oracle's sqlplus. It has features such as multiple connections, multi-database interfacing, subselects for all databases, regardless of whether the database has native subselects or not, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Nov 2006 21:31

    Release Notes: This release adds MySQL's --safe-updates flag, introduces Microsoft SQL support, and has various bugfixes.

    •  29 Oct 2003 08:38

      Release Notes: This version adds auto-detection of the most used database type, removes the requisite of the Time::HiRes module by creating a pure Perl, high resolution timer, adds query execution of data from STDIN for quick and easy queries with lists of data or blobs, and includes a few minor bugfixes and parser changes.

      •  23 Oct 2003 01:16

        Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes for macro interpretation, delimited data importation, and certain Oracle statement failures, new configuration options and functions, more efficient parsers, a much faster startup, and features for table and field name auto-completion.

        •  05 Jul 2003 07:52

          Release Notes: This release added full support for PostgreSQL and psql. IBM DB2 and Sybase support was extended, and table name, field name, and filename auto-completion was added for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and Excel. Some minor parser efficiency improvements and a few bugfixes were made, and additional functionality was added.

          •  09 Jun 2003 23:54

            Release Notes: Support for Sybase and IBM DB2, additions to PostgreSQL support, major bugfixes for some database types, a few other bugfixes, additions to some commands, and support for running under Windows.


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