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SQLiteJDBC is a Java JDBC driver for SQLite 3. It comes as either a pure Java driver based on NestedVM or a native JNI library. Native binaries are provided for Mac OS X and Windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Dec 2008 21:55

    Release Notes: The code was updated for SQLite 3.6.3. The constraints on setMaxRows() were relaxed.

    •  14 Aug 2008 23:15

      Release Notes: This release has been upgraded to SQLite 3.6.1, and a Linux/AMD-64 binary has been added to the combined jar.

      •  27 Jun 2008 22:57

        Release Notes: Closing a closed statement now has no effect, and there are other bugfixes. Binary size has shrunk, and whether the amalgamated jar is running in pure or native mode can be determined by DatabaseMetaData.getDriverVersion().

        •  19 Jun 2008 09:20

          Release Notes: The native Linux binary was fixed.

          •  17 Jun 2008 13:25

            Release Notes: The driver has been repackaged with the binaries and a pure Java driver is provided in the same jar file. Use of the library path is no longer necessary.

            Recent comments

            24 Nov 2010 23:22 mozkill

            Is there a way to pass a PRAGMA argument to turn OFF sync while instantiating the connection , using a argument to the JDBC driver? The SQLite ODBC driver will do this and I cant use the JDBC driver unless it has this feature since my project has transactionless code and inserts are slowed down greatly by the sync code.

            16 Jun 2009 08:11 francesco_alesiani

            is it possible to load sqlite extension? (based on platform, e.g. .so or .dll)?

            Thank you,

            06 Jun 2009 04:06 cbare

            I'd like to compile the JNI bindings for 64-bit OS X so the sqlite-jdbc drive can be used in native mode from Java 6 on OS X (which is 64-bit only). If anyone would be willing to help me, that would be great.

            23 Apr 2009 01:57 lilbill39

            First off, thanks for this great tool...I too am a mathematics major graduating this semester! Does this driver support running SQLite's dot commands like, '.output', '.mode' etc?

            09 Apr 2009 15:57 naquah

            There appears to be a problem with wasNull() after getObject() has been called. I submitted a ticket about this, but I'm not sure if that is the right way to submit a bug.

            In particular, the implementation of getObject() in the RS class calls the checkCol() method, while all other get*() methods call the markCol() method. Only the markCol() method properly updates the lastCol instance variable, which in turn is used by the wasNull() method.

            This is making Hibernate fail with enum fields that are NULL.


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