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  •  29 Jan 2009 17:30

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  31 Jan 2006 10:48

Release Notes: Support has been added for CHECK constraints, DESC indices, IF [NOT] EXISTS clauses on CREATE and DROP statements, a more efficient on-disk encoding for boolean values, and the ability to share the page and schema cache between database connections in the same thread. This is the first stable release in the 3.3 series.

  •  23 Mar 2005 05:44

Release Notes: Support for ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN has been added.

Release Notes: Many language enhancements including Autovacuum, Autoincrement, CURRENT_TIME, EXISTS, and correlated subqueries. This release also demonstrates improved performance and fixes many nuisance bugs. Even though it is labeled "alpha", this release is well tested. Beta and stable releases are expected to follow in a few weeks.

  •  30 Jun 2004 20:34

Release Notes: This is the first beta release for SQLite 3.0 with enhanced i18n support.

Release Notes: This release provides better internationalization support, including support for both UTF-8 and UTF-16 and user-defined text collating functions. Support for BLOBs has been greatly improved. Rowids are now 64-bits. The new database file format results in database files that are typically 25% to 35% smaller. This is an alpha release. Users are encouraged to experiment with this release and provide feedback prior to the API and file format freeze scheduled for 2004-07-01.

  •  01 Jul 2004 10:12

Release Notes: The ability to connect simultaneously to two or more databases has been added, the VACUUM command will now compact the database, support for in-memory databases was added, the documentation has been updated, and several bugs have been fixed.

  •  01 Jul 2004 10:12

Release Notes: A second C/C++ API has been added that allows query results to be obtained without using callbacks. Also, the rollback logic has been enhanced so that the database will be correctly restored to its last valid state even if a power failure or OS crash cause garbage to be written into the database.

  •  01 Jul 2004 10:17

Release Notes: For purposes of sorting and comparison, SQLite now distinguishes between text and numeric datatypes.

  •  01 Jul 2004 10:17

Release Notes: Database files can now be shared between machines with different byte-orders.


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