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SQLgrey is a Postfix greylisting policy service with an SQL database as storage backend. Its goal is to reduce the amount of spam reaching user mailboxes. It includes refined auto-whitelisting, and stores whitelists and connection attempts in a database for easy inspection.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Aug 2007 23:47

    Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release for the stable branch. A crash on syslog death has been fixed, a memory leak in perl DBI has been worked around, and invalid errors in log have been removed. SQLgrey can now reopen its database connection on request (sometimes needed for performance reasons).

    •  05 Aug 2007 23:46

      Release Notes: Many new features have been added. SQLgrey can now reopen its database connection on request (some databases need this for better performance). The database cleanup is now more efficient when multiple SQLgrey instances are used to distribute the load. The greylisting can now be activated based on user-controlled rules. Clustered database environments are supported. Finally, a fix for a crash on syslog death is included.

      •  14 Sep 2005 22:30

        Release Notes: A bugfix for a rare multiple instances race condition that permanently blocked some messages.

        •  08 Jul 2005 23:18

          Release Notes: This release allows the user to select the database cleanup method, between the old synchronous one (done in the main process) and the new asynchronous one (fork a process to do the cleanup, avoiding a delay for email processing). The default is now the synchronous database cleanup method (the asynchronous cleanups trigger lockups on some setups).

          •  04 Jul 2005 16:09

            Release Notes: Database connections are now destroyed by SQLgrey itself instead of the DBD driver (to avoid connection leaks with dodgy garbage collecting). The spec file has been updated to conform to RPM 4 (and now works on the latest RPM-based distributions). logstat now recognizes the latest log format. SQLgrey now protects Syslog calls from "%" characters to avoid ugly errors in the log.


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