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Simple Python Distributed Indexing

SPyDI Is a powerful engine to create distributed full text indexing systems and distributed search engines. It supports harvesting, crawling (pull mehtods), and push methods (via a Web interface or SPyRO Web services). It supports boolean and vector Information retrieval models. It has few dependencies, and comes with its own HTTP server and HTML embedded pages language (called pyew and wey pages), and session manager. It can use the SMTP of the Python library. It supports replacing the default modules with some better modules (Apache, exim, etc).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Oct 2006 16:44

    Release Notes: Monarca updates to support SPyRO's new HTTP protocol management. Some bugfixes in pyew pages. General code cleanup.

    •  10 Oct 2006 16:43

      Release Notes: The HTTP protocol is now supported by the HTTP Basic server, with customized methods. A complete HTTP server. Enhanced URI handlers (see pydoc shttp.http). A more flexible handler engine. CodePool now can import CodePool modules as modules. Many bugfixes

      •  01 Jun 2006 07:39

        Release Notes: Code in the Monarca Web server was cleaned up and a critical bug where a double response in 404 errors resulted in a corruption of the HTTP connection was fixed.

        •  16 May 2006 00:31

          Release Notes: The http server has been forked into the "Monarca" Web server. Monarca has an "application template" named, session management, and Python embedded pages. The application ( template was improved to be more configurable, and a few bugs were fixed. The source tree has been redesigned.

          •  25 Apr 2006 00:51

            Release Notes: Many bugfixes. A restructured source tree. Now the SPyDI package is installable. Easy creation of applications, and easy configuration. Support for multiple paths in the template directory, translation paths, etc. Better routing schemes.


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