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Spyce - Python Server Pages

SPYCE is a server-side language that supports simple and efficient Python-based dynamic HTML generation, otherwise called Python Server Pages. Those who like Python and are familiar with JSP, PHP, or ASP should have a look at Spyce. Its modular design makes it very flexible and extensible. It can also be used as a command-line utility for static text pre-processing or as a Web-server proxy.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jul 2003 20:56

    Release Notes: The biggest improvement in this release is a rewritten parser, which improves script compile times by 2-6x. This will greatly help performance for CGI-based users, and make script development more interactive. A daemon mode has been added to the Web server, and functionality has been exposed to allow for integration with the Coil MVC framework. Some Windows-specific path manipulation bugs and other more minor user-reported issues have been fixed.

    •  28 Apr 2003 02:15

      Release Notes: The default Spyce development environment has been upgraded toPython 2.2.x and Apache 2.0.x; older versions of Python and Apache will still be supported. The RPM has been updated to reflect this. A pageerror configuration option has been added to allow for default page-level error handlers. There are many bugfixes and minor standard libary improvements. The Vim syntax file has been updated.

      •  03 Mar 2003 05:20

        Release Notes: In this version, the internal Web server has been improved to deal with non-Spyce files and directories, and there are new related configuration options. There is support for ASP/JSP-like syntax, improvements to the request module to deal with GET and POST simultaneously, and lots of fixes and documentation updates.

        •  20 Jan 2003 00:44

          Release Notes: Taglib and Spylambda modules are now loaded implicitly, but only when tags and spyce lambdas are used, respectively, for improved performance. The Makefile is more portable. The automaton module was improved to allow the easy definition of an entire state machine. The EOFError exception is now properly handled when file-based Spyce caching is used.

          •  13 Dec 2002 11:28

            Release Notes: This version adds status output, fixes CGI GET request problems under Apache 2.0, fixes the 'if' tag, improves the Windows installer to find the Python path under more conditions, and includes documentation improvements.


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