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Scout Portal Toolkit

The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) is a turnkey software package that allows groups or organizations who have collections of knowledge or resources they want to share via the Web to put that collection online without a big investment in technical resources. It includes keyword and fielded search engines, a recommender system, a metadata editor, user agents (push technology to notify users of new resources), forums (bulletin boards), resource quality ratings, resource annotations by users, and support for multiple dynamic user interfaces, selectable on a per-user basis.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Nov 2004 18:58

    Release Notes: This release adds support for OAI sets and OAI-SQ (new OAI-PMH extension for searching), user list paging, the ability to delete classification (Tree) sub-trees and classifications currently in use, support for searching controlled name variants, support for an expanded range of date entry formats, support for exporting Tree, Controlled Name, and Option values, and customizable templates for saved search mailings.

    •  09 Aug 2004 20:28

      Release Notes: This release adds support for OAI sets, customizable saved search (user agent) email messages, support for exporting classifications and controlled names, new data import options, and various minor bugfixes. As a beta release, this version is not recommended for use on a production system.

      •  10 May 2004 18:04

        Release Notes: This release adds a new interface for assigning controlled names and classifications, a new privilege flag that only allows editing resources you have entered, a new "Date of Record Release" field, improved handling of diacritics (Unicode), and numerous other minor enhancements and bugfixes. Almost all E_NOTICE messages should be eliminated in this release.

        •  13 Feb 2004 04:02

          Release Notes: This release adds support for editing and browsing multiple Tree (hierarchical controlled vocabulary) fields, a new option to automagically populate Tree fields with the GEM subject hierarchy, support for importing controlled vocabulary (Tree, Controlled Name, Option) values, support for Unicode UTF-8 character coding, a revamped Advanced Search interface, a new "Saved Searches" feature (replaces "User Agents" to push new resources via e-mail), new database query caching support (reduces server loads), and various bugfixes.

          •  21 Jun 2003 05:28

            Release Notes: Various bugfixes were made. Full support for searching Date and TimeStamp fields was added, along with options to speed up record addition and editing on slower systems by delaying updating of the search and recommender databases. A significantly revised and rewritten help system was also included.

            Recent comments

            18 Jun 2003 04:39 jmckeown

            Scout Portal Toolkit
            Specialised system for collections of data about resources,
            like a Yahoo but conforming to international and academic
            standards for metatdata. The only system of its kind I've
            seen that doesn't require you to own a server.

            Highly Recommended.


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