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Sprog is a graphical tool that anyone can use to build programs by plugging parts together. In Sprog jargon, the parts are known as 'gears' and they are assembled to make a 'machine'. Gears are selected from a palette and dragged onto the Sprog workbench, where they can be connected together. Options can be set using a properties dialog on each gear. When assembly is complete, the machine can be run, reconfigured, or re-run.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2005 00:07

    Release Notes: You can now rename gears and change the gear title font. The right click menu no longer disappears unexpectedly. Enter now works in file selection dialogs, and Cancel now works in the preferences dialog. Other internal bugfixes are listed in the changelog.

    •  03 Jul 2005 14:53

      Release Notes: Users can now add their own command gears to the palette with a simple point-and-click. These gears, which wrap external commands, can be defined once and re-used in multiple machines. This release also includes one new gear, some bugfixes, and some minor user interface improvements.

      •  27 Jun 2005 02:45

        Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs with dependencies, as well as the crash when deleting a flashing gear. There's a new preferences dialog yhsy allows you to define a 'Personal Gear Folder': a place to stick all those gears you're creating or downloading.

        •  23 Jun 2005 10:40

          Release Notes: This minor update replaced the 'proof of concept' CSV Split gear with a more capable version. The new one understands quoted fields, escaped quotes, and embedded newlines.

          •  15 Jun 2005 05:03

            Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes, some new gears, and one new feature: you can now use the --nogui option to run Sprog without a GUI. So your carefully crafted machines can now be run from cron or similar. Filenames or URLs may now be dragged and dropped into a machine. The first (experimental) image manipulation gear was added. Other less exciting new gears were added. Various improvements were made to the user interface and online help.


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