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  •  27 Jun 2007 10:27

Release Notes: Nearly one year and six developer previews later, this release is the final version of a major update. It brings an improved user experience (e.g. by integrating with Eclipse's project explorer) and adds support for Spring 2.0, Spring Web Flow, Spring AOP, and Spring JavaConfig.

  •  20 Mar 2007 01:42

Release Notes: This release is the last milestone release for the upcoming version 2.0.

  •  25 Apr 2006 21:19

Release Notes: The ability to search the beans model, an "Open Bean" dialog (similar to JDT's "Open Type" dialog), and a wizard to create a Spring-aware project was added. A whole bunch of bugfixes and some usability enhancements are provided.

  •  25 Apr 2004 07:00

Release Notes: SpringUI was migrated into a sub-project of the Spring Framework main project. A new plugin was added which provides an editor showing a graph with all beans of a single config file or a set of config files.


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