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Version 3.16.1 of Spread

Release Notes: This release fixes or adds ports to SGI, MacOSX, OpenBSD, and Solaris 8 with the Solaris cc compiler. It also fixes significant bugs in connection establishment (races), authentication and access control, binding to specific interfaces, validating group names. It also fixes a memory leak when connections are closed. The Java library was enhanced, and several bugfixes for minor problems were applied. Some small fixes were made to the client programs, and manpages were added for all clients.

Other releases

  •  17 Jun 2013 22:57

Release Notes: This release focuses on performance and some bugfixes. It improves the speed of memberships and scalability of the C library locking. It defaults to using Unix domain sockets on the same host connections for improved throughput and allows membership and flow control parameters to be configured at run time.

  •  21 Jun 2012 07:50

Release Notes: The main new features are keepalive support for client-server TCP connections and the use of MONOTONIC clocks in internal code when available and appropriate. Events, memory, data_link, and alarm code were broken out into separate a libspread-util package with improved features. The release also includes a number of important bugfixes. The most significant include crash fixes on 64-bit platforms, several deadlock, crash, and race issues in the Java library, and fixes to high latency of message transmission in certain scenarios. This release does not include any API changes.

Release Notes: Manageability was improved by allowing dynamic configuration of sets of daemons without requiring a restart. A new Virtual Synchrony interface is now included with Spread, along with API improvements in the membership functions and better C API support for forking, multi-threaded clients. A number of scalability and performance improvements were included in group support, and the build environment for both Windows and Unix was simplified and improved. All bugs from the 3.17 branch as well as other fixes unique to Spread 4 were fixed.

  •  05 Dec 2006 13:55

Release Notes: This release has a number of bugfixes. They include fixing some daemon crashes, memory corruption in the daemon and C library, deadlocks when used in threaded apps and errors occur, bind problems on Windows, incorrect view IDs in groups, and other minor fixes. There are no external API changes.

  •  19 Oct 2004 07:58

Release Notes: This release includes a few enhancements and a number of fixes. These include fixing some daemon crashes, membership issues when a large number of daemons start at once, a substantial decrease in memory usage under some scenarios, new build files for VC++.NET, a Spread sptmonitor program that works on Windows, stricter config file parsing, fixes for the Java and C libraries to remove blocking and thread conflicts during connection, and some small cleanups and stability improvements.


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