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Simple Perl Package Manager

Simple Perl Package Manager tracks the files added or deleted from a system by using "find". It can detect modified files using installwatch, make backups of modified or deleted files, and remove, list, or make a tarball of a package. It records MD5 checksums of all installed files and includes a script to verify them and check other attributes of a package.

Operating Systems

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  •  09 Sep 2006 00:32

Release Notes: Various fixes and feature enhancements.

  •  30 Apr 2005 23:13

Release Notes: This release condenses the default 'steps' down to configure, build, and install. Running of sysfind and sysdiff is now part of the installation process, and installwatch is used if it is installed. Installwatch logs are now used by default for the "final" package file listing, but a copy of the listing produced by sysdiff is also saved for comparison. Installwatch package listing are now mostly reliable, but beware (i.e. compare to sysdiff's output) for some packages, especially large packages such as gcc which do "unusual" things when installing. The install scripts were upgraded.

  •  07 Aug 2004 00:44

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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