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Sportal is made for people that need to know what is going on in their systems. It monitors files that you select, for "hot words" that you also select, through a graphical interface. When a hot word is found in the file being watched, it will let you know. There is no restriction on the numbers of files or hot words.


Recent releases

  •  30 May 2000 13:05

    Release Notes: A new option to show all the lines that gets added to the file, like "tail -f", added. Compile bugfixes for Compaq Tru64, SCO Unixware and Solaris.

    •  18 May 2000 08:57

      Release Notes: Major clean up, Fixed a memory leak. Added option to execute a command when a word is found. Added a Scroll Back buffer. There is now an option to turn off the icons and the window popping up. The configuration file has been made more readable. Debug output has been turned off. Random crash problems have been fixed.

      •  30 Dec 1999 14:30

        Release Notes: A lot of bug fixes, a new pallete of colors, faster text scroll, and finished transparent background support.

        •  07 Dec 1999 04:03

          Release Notes: A fix for a typo in the source, implementation of transparent windows, a lot of new options in the main GUI, and available binary RPMs and static versions.

          •  30 Nov 1999 21:15

            Release Notes: First public release.

            Recent comments

            18 May 2000 02:54 bruj0

            Version system change
            The previous version system was bad, the number were too high
            so i decided to change to 1.xx for stable xx beeing the current
            release number, and 2.xx for devel

            08 Dec 1999 02:59 bruj0

            Forgot Pixmaps
            Err.. i forgot to put the "pixmaps" directory in the last development version, it is fixed in the tar on the home page, sorry.

            06 Dec 1999 22:55 bruj0

            Stupic Typo
            Version 1.9.1 had a typo that make it dificult to compile, so the tar.gz in the home page is fixed now, along with the development version, if i get enough emails asking to implement a regular expresion kind of search in the files it will be done, and also please send bug reports.


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