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Release Notes: The examples shipped with the distribution have been fixed. The database layer was fixed to work with declared (versus generated) SQL. The object identification mechanism was made slightly more flexible.

Release Notes: This release moves DBI type information into a separate object with more robust querying capabilities, and adds minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: A new date conversion tool and implementations for security objects, and many new tests for security, exporting, and new tools.

Release Notes: This release adds lots of test and enhances documentation, particularly on object relationships. Multiple-field primary key objects exhibit more consistent behavior, and there are other small fixes and features.

Release Notes: New DBI methods were added to update and retrieve individual fields within an object. Other minor bugfixes and refactorings were applied.

Release Notes: Support for InterBase/FirebirdSQL databases was added. The ability to alter data inserted with new object creation was added. Useful rules and code generation behavior tools were added. Minor bugfixes and enhancements were made.

Release Notes: Oracle is now supported as a datasource. The embeddable database, SQLite, is also supported. Minor bugfixes were made to the test suite and other areas.

Release Notes: An overhauled error reporting system using simple exception objects in favor of the previous method (this change is fully backwards-compatible), including class factory behaviors so you can embed DBI/LDAP connection info in your object configuration (which makes it easier to write one-off data munging scripts).

Release Notes: Import/export capabilities were added to SPOPS (you can import from a serialized Perl data structure, and export to that data structure). XML and SQL statements, and key generation using UUIDs were also added.

Release Notes: Multiple field primary keys can now be used with DBI data sources, and sample rules to make objects read-only and perform automatic UTF8 conversion have been included.


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