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Spong is a simple system-monitoring package. It features client-based monitoring (CPU, disk, processes, logs, etc.), monitoring of network services, grouping of hosts (routers, servers, workstations, and PCs), host-specific contact and downtime information, configuration on a client-by-client basis, results displayed via the Web, history of problems, messaging (via email or pager) when problems occur, and verbose information to help diagnosis problems. It communicates via simple TCP-based messages, and is written in Perl.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2005 09:50

    Release Notes: The beta1 installer would abort due to missing doc files. This has been fixed along with some other minor bugs and new features.

    •  28 Sep 2005 16:12

      Release Notes: Many new plugins and bugfixes were added.

      •  17 Sep 2001 05:52

        Release Notes: The major new change is a new safe_exec Perl module for executing external programs. The new module has better cleanup routines. Another change is the spong-server data_rrd_disk plugin module can now handle NT client disk, and there is a new beta spong-client module check_memory. The module is an enhanced swap check. It checks both physical memory and virtual memory.

        •  14 Jun 2001 17:56

          Release Notes: This release fixes a problem in spong-network with the stop-after flag acting like it was set for every service after the first flagged service, and fixes a problem with 'group' recipients not being expanded properly in spong-message.

          •  21 Nov 2000 20:54

            Release Notes: Makefile changes to make it more OS independent and bugfixes to 'make client' processing, minor changes to config/spong.conf, and the title frame in 3 frame mode of Web interface can now be set via $WWW_TITLE_SIZE config variable.


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