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Splitpipe accepts the streamed output of a program such as tar on standard input and distributes it over multiple output volumes. These volumes contain labels that guarantee integrity, verify that the entire volume is read, and that they are read in the proper order. Combined with the built-in ring buffer, this allows for the high speed backup of full filesystems to DVD or CD.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 May 2005 17:54

    Release Notes: This release mostly improves the user interface by showing the speed at which data is being read and written, as well as providing a volume change ETA. Joinpipe gained --inspect, which allows the operator to query a volume without actually restoring it. Building the documentation and regression tests should now work out of the box on platforms where gmake is used.

    •  25 Apr 2005 08:39

      Release Notes: A split-screen output was added so that output from cdrecord, dvdrecord, and friends don't mess up the program's own output. The buffer is now filled even while waiting for user input. A problem where twice as much memory as specified was being used was fixed. Portability to Solaris was added. Output volumes now contain the date they were generated as well as an optional user-provided label. RPM and DEB packages are now provided. Joinpipe now prompts users to insert the proper volume on encountering an out of order or foreign volume.

      •  19 Apr 2005 20:56

        Release Notes: This version has actually been used for several big backups. Portability fixes mean that the improved regression tests now pass on FreeBSD and Solaris, as well as on Linux. A theoretical bug that could cause splitpipe to block has been addressed. By popular demand, splitpipe and joinpipe are now one binary, with the name determining its functionality. Documentation was added.

        •  17 Apr 2005 07:38

          Release Notes: This version has been succesfully used to backup a filesystem, but should not yet be trusted for anything mission critical.


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