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Spkgtool is a software management system that uses symbolic links for maintaining packages and a "ports" style backend for building package from source tarballs. It has its own built linking application, but it also can act as a GUI frontend to your favorite symbolic link package system (supporting graft, epkg, and stow). It is written with bash scripts and Makefiles. The GUI is dialog and Xdialog (depending on your environment). Aside from building ports, it will also build and install "GNU-friendly" source tarballs.


RSS Recent releases

  •  23 Feb 2003 12:24

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, including linking errors and installation problems.

  •  05 Feb 2003 13:59

Release Notes: Creating a port now works in curses mode. Building a port works much better. A few new ./configure options have been added. 0.1.1 users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

  •  21 Oct 2002 06:27

Release Notes: This version adds a port builder, and status tracking to avoid repeating stages. The "infinite install" bug was fixed, along with the configure script, and other minor bugs.

Release Notes: This release focuses on trying to complete the port functionality. The Makefile syntax has been simpliflied, and more ports have been added.

Release Notes: This version adds spkglink (a built in linking program), spkginfo (used internally), port system, and spkgports (beta ports interface). A temp file problem was fixed.


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