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SPIKE is an attempt to write an API that helps reverse engineer new, unknown network protocols. It features several working examples.


Recent releases

  •  06 Feb 2003 14:15

    Release Notes: A DCE-RPC over named pipe fuzzer was added. plonk, a remote DoS/local root against Windows 2000 is now included. BSD support was improved. Many other fixes were made.

    •  30 Jan 2003 00:55

      Release Notes: New restricted pages and hosts, more fixes to the core engine to work on a few hosts that were buggy, and IE long URL support.

      •  18 Nov 2002 17:32

        Release Notes: False 404 Detection support was added. NTLM authentication was fixed. Bugs in the Whisker to VulnXML converter that were double encoding cross site scripting attacks were fixed.

        •  08 Nov 2002 01:02

          Release Notes: NTLM support (you can now can an IIS box running with Integrated Windows Authentication transparently), ordering of GET arguments the same way they were sent to the proxy, and other minor bugfixes in the core engine.

          •  04 Nov 2002 17:42

            Release Notes: This release no longer uses 100% of the CPU when interacting with IE.

            Recent comments

            22 Oct 2001 19:19 daitel

            Memory leak in tcpstuff.c
            In tcpwrite() I assign a buffer with malloc() but never free() it. Feel free to add the free call before return;

            17 Oct 2001 22:12 daitel

            Bug in Tarfile
            Sorry about the bug in the tarfile - is fixed now (about 4pm Oct 17, 2001)



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