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Spensierato is a simple-to-use Web site CMS. It is designed to allow in-site editing so that non-technical users can just find the page, update an element, and save it. It is written in PHP using a MySQL backend and released under the GPL. Some components use different license agreements; details are included.

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  •  07 May 2009 13:19

Release Notes: A major reworking of the DB code was done. A working installer was implemented. The basic elements all work. Archiving was implemented.

  •  05 Oct 2008 15:00

Release Notes: This release installs on PHP with MySQL. mod_rewrite has been made optional, so it should work on other Web servers. There are fixes for skins to work better if Tidy is not installed. There is a major fix, as 'Text Articles' were not been saved in Pre Release 5.

  •  30 Sep 2008 14:11

Release Notes: This release has an installer; just delete the file to allow the installer to run. It includes code cleanup, performance tweaks, new elements, and enhanced login.

Release Notes: Working security, bugfixes, and performance tweaks.

Release Notes: Code updates, new features including registration, and the use of simple and advanced TinyMCE editors.


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A video conversion tool.