Version 0.3.5 of spdylay

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where shrpx tries to read a response body when the HTTP status code is 304 and nonzero Content-Length is returned. The SPDY client and server programs spdycat, spdyd, and shrpx were moved to the src directory. The --enable-src configure option was added to enable/disable to build them. In the Python API, Session.resume_data() now returns a Boolean value to indicate an error instead of raising InvalidArgumentError.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs in shrpx and spdycat. It is strongly recommended for the users who use shrpx and spdycat to upgrade to this version. Historically, spdylay.h header defined SPDYLAY_INITIAL_MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS macro as 100, and all internal code and utility programs (spdycat and spdyd) use that. However, this limit is not specified in the SPDY specification, and may trigger unexpected stream closure to the other SPDY implementations. Therefore, it is now defined as a large enough value.

Release Notes: This release adds several enhancements to the spdyct and shrpx and strict checks for name/value pairs. It fixes a bug where the server cannot push the stream against a server initiated stream ID. The internal priority management mechanism is updated so that outbound DATA frames with a variety of SPDY priority can interleave more frequently and don't let the low priority streams starve. The development is very stable now, this release has been made 1.0.0.

  •  12 Mar 2013 19:24

Release Notes: This release fixes stability problems in shrpx. Shrpx gets several new options and operation modes in this release. Spdycat and spdyd get colored verbose output. A build script for Android was added.

  •  13 Jan 2013 18:25

Release Notes: This release updates the INTERNAL_ERROR value of the GOAWAY frame according to the SPDY/3 spec change. spdycat and spdyd can now operate on non-SSL/TLS SPDY connections. shrpx now has --client and --client-proxy options to make it accept plain HTTP connections and forward them to the backend in SPDY. There are many enhancements to these programs in this release.

  •  02 Oct 2012 22:29

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in configure command-line options and spdycat. Client side header block compression was disabled. on_ctrl_not_send_callback now returns SPDYLAY_ERR_FRAME_TOO_LARGE as an error code when a packed frame is too large to fit in the SPDY frame size limit. Shrpx SPDY proxy mode now announces SPDY/3 as the default protocol.


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