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Release Notes: This release can be used with Pine, Neomail, and OpenWebmail folders. There are minor changes to recipes.

  •  18 Jul 2004 16:54

Release Notes: A couple of minor bugfixes, an updated subject reject file, and documentation on how to integrate SPASTIC and the ClamAV anti-virus program.

Release Notes: A check for too many consecutive consonants and/or numbers in the subject and from headers has been added. HTML email is flagged as spam by default, and the whitelist is scanned for blank lines.

Release Notes: Scripts have been modified to be much more portable. There is a README.pine for PINE users, minor updates to documentation, an ISO encoding rule for reject-subject file, minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds basic anti-virus recipes (optional), fixes minor bugs in the rotate-spam script, and enhances spam reporting for Mozilla mail users.

Release Notes: This release adds a simplified setup script (which merges regular and alternative procmailrcs), an X-Spam-Status header (like other anti-spam programs) as a replacement for changing the Subject, updates for Red Hat 8.0 UTF, a built-in recipe to detect too many periods in the Subject, and a minor bugfix in spam reporting.

Release Notes: This release includes one new filter (Content-Type:) and associated filter file (reject-type) as well as vastly updated documentation. The rotate-spam script has also been improved to provide a detailed report of captured spam, and now uses the logrotate naming style for backup spam files.

Release Notes: This release adds a new setup script for installs/upgrades, moves the default directory to $HOME/.spastic, adds To: and Cc: to the whitelist, adds a "SPAM" header to each captured spam for filtering and reporting, and adds a major upgrade to the rotate-spam script, including detailed reporting of captured spam.

Release Notes: Major new features include tests for valid address formats, tests for invalid subjects (null, all caps, too many spaces), optional tests for valid sender mail domains, an optional "allowed" file that severely restricts who can send you email, new alternative SPAM flagging to work better with Evolution/Kmail/Pine/etc. and complete documentation in English and Portuguese.

Release Notes: Major performance improvements and minor bug fixes were made. Header checks were split into separate reject files and renamed for consistency. Optional long reject lists were added for more aggressive filtering. Documentation on setting up a global filter with Postfix was added.


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