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SPASTIC is an easy-to-use, powerful set of email filters to deal with Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), a.k.a. spam, using procmail. Some of its features are filtering based on header and/or body contents, predefined sets of filters to get started quickly, a whitelist to bypass filters, options on where to send spam, and an optional script to rotate the spam file periodically.


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Release Notes: This release can be used with Pine, Neomail, and OpenWebmail folders. There are minor changes to recipes.

  •  18 Jul 2004 16:54

Release Notes: A couple of minor bugfixes, an updated subject reject file, and documentation on how to integrate SPASTIC and the ClamAV anti-virus program.

Release Notes: A check for too many consecutive consonants and/or numbers in the subject and from headers has been added. HTML email is flagged as spam by default, and the whitelist is scanned for blank lines.

Release Notes: Scripts have been modified to be much more portable. There is a README.pine for PINE users, minor updates to documentation, an ISO encoding rule for reject-subject file, minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds basic anti-virus recipes (optional), fixes minor bugs in the rotate-spam script, and enhances spam reporting for Mozilla mail users.


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