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SpamCheck is an email scanning and quarantine system for Linux systems. Making use of a number of open source technologies, including SpamAssassin, Exim, and MySQL, it provides an easy-to-use, but powerful method to filter email for your domain. Once configured, multiple domains can be added and administered with the Web interface. Email is scanned and scored, non-spam is then passed on to a destination email server, while spam is either blocked or quarantined. Individual users can log in and review their quarantined email, and manage their settings through the Web-based interface.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2011 21:59

    Release Notes: This release fixes the text portion of MIME email messages.

    •  19 Apr 2010 11:56

      Release Notes: This version was tested on Ubuntu 9.10 server. An issue with DB version checking for initial installation was fixed. QUARANTINE::filelist was tidied up to check that the directory exists. Installer user lookups were fixed. A divide-by-zero error in stats if no data exists yet was removed.

      •  16 Apr 2010 14:47

        Release Notes: This release sets block and quarantine scores to NULL if the domain default is set (allowing values to coalesce automatically) and fixes a blank subject problem (email messages with no subject can now be selected in the user interface).

        •  06 Oct 2009 15:03

          Release Notes: An administrator can now update the Bayes database with spam and non-spam messages through the Web interface.

          •  25 Sep 2009 18:38

            Release Notes: This release has a fix to the LastDeliver stamp to ignore locally generated messages (quarantine reports, etc.). It fixes the list of removed users (adding a space in between users). It has a fix in message log filtering. An initial Bayes information/update page has been added.


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