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03 Oct 2006 22:23 alrubin

Re: Interaction with Outlook Rules

It's good idea to have a list of folders that should be checked for spam! Currently we check only Inbox, so it definately makes sense.

Thank you!

03 Oct 2006 10:27 Kemil

Re: Interaction with Outlook Rules
We haven't solved this problem. We just ignore automatically moved messages. Our philosophy is that if a user creates a rule to move messages, the messages are most likely ham, not spam. But of course, this does not always count, so we definitely miss moved spam messages.

On the other hand, the user is able to define which folders to check. That is, if the user moves all messages from the inbox to folder X, than the user should mark folder X to be checked by Spamato as well.

02 Oct 2006 21:21 alrubin

Interaction with Outlook Rules

How did you solve the problem with Outlook Rules interaction? They move messages to folder in spite of the fact the message is spam. I'm a developer of another outlook spam filter ( Spam Reader and now we faced this problem. Any advises will be appreciated.



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