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Release Notes: A security fix prevented a denial of service attack open to certain malformed messages. Several very reliable rules were backported from the 3.0.0 codebase.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:10

Release Notes: This release fixes three small bugs, one related to Perl 5.005 incompatibility, one related to untainting a file path, and one related to performance and not generating the same decoded message body more than once.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:10

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused report_safe_copy_headers to reverse the order of the Received headers, a bug which caused reporting to not remove message markup before being learned by Bayes, a bug which caused the spamd temporary init directory to not be removed in some situations, several bugs in the Bayes system caused by DB_File oddities, and two bugs related to Received line generation and parsing. It modifies HABEAS_SWE to function even if the Habeas headers are out of their normal order and modifies two rules to reduce false positives.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:10

Release Notes: This release adds dramatically reduced memory usage of the Bayes expiry, avoidance of false positives on Outlook 2003 messages, messages from Mac, Palm, and localized versions of Eudora, several AOL MUAs, and newer versions of The Bat!, a new set of French translations, an update to reflect a new Dynablock DNSBL location, a fix for a possible hole that was giving AWL bonuses to spammer forgeries on some networks, and miscellaneous bugfixes.

Release Notes: The Bayes system was overhauled. The DB storage format was changed, and the journal/expire and tokenization algorithms were improved. spamd now supports UNIX-domain sockets. Better HTML parsing, detection of "invisible text", and other obfuscation techniques. DNS Blacklists were also overhauled with the addition of lots of new lists, removal of defunct lists, better timeout handling, and better header parsing. More flexible header and report rewriting options were implemented. Perl taint mode is now enabled by default for increased security.

Release Notes: The DNSBLs were overhauled with many new lists, including SORBS and SpamCop BL. RBL timeouts are now handled much more efficiently, reducing the number of IP addresses queried by inferring trust relationships between Received headers. A generalized Received-header parser was added to more easily detect HELO string forgery and faked relay lines. The default report was updated to list the scanning machine's hostname. A workaround for Red Hat kernels with NPTL reporting "application bug" was implemented.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:11

Release Notes: This version is a minor bug fix release containing mostly documentation updates. spamd is fixed to run on Perl 5.005.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:12

Release Notes: This release (once again) is strongly recommended, since it removes a set of rules that were actively targeted by spammers. Bayes expiry: previous versions occasionally expired the wrong data, hurting Bayes effectiveness over time. The REPORT spamc function should use the local report template. spamc failures under locales where "," is the default decimal separator character have been fixed.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:16

Release Notes: In this release, the corruption of the Bayes db was fixed, there are now much lower lock timeouts for Bayes during opportunistic operations like auto-learning, the NDBM_File error is now avoided, the BSMTP support was fixed, and several other less serious bugs were fixed.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:17

Release Notes: A problem with expiry that imposed too much load when used with a single site-wide Bayes database was fixed. A typo that caused Bayes to sometimes not unlock the database was also fixed. The INSTALL document now strongly recommends using DB_File. Some NetBSD support fixes were made, --syslog-socket was implemented, and the description of the --nocreate-prefs option was corrected.


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