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  •  25 May 2006 21:42

Release Notes: DKIM support was added. Razor2 support was re-enabled by default. A Perl bug which caused intermittent taint-related crashes was worked around. Lots of other minor bugs were fixed.

  •  11 Mar 2006 23:04

Release Notes: Validation of configuration option errors was improved. Support for the new Mail::DomainKeys API was added. Large modifications were made to sa-update to better support rule updates. CRLF line endings are detected and used if the input message uses them. The RPM spec file for x86_64 platforms was fixed.

Release Notes: A more efficient Apache preforking algorithm was adopted. PostgreSQL, MySQL 4.1+, and local SDBM file Bayes storage modules were added. SQL storage is now recommended for Bayes. New DomainKeys, MIMEHeader, WhiteListSubject, and ReplaceTags plugins were added. Razor2 and DCC are now disabled by default due to a change in licenses. DNSBL lookups and other DNS operations are now more efficient.


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