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  •  06 Jun 2006 09:18

Release Notes: The AWL change has been reverted; instead of decreasing the AWL bias gradually to allow frequently seen addresses to get into the "nonspam" area, it now behaves like 2.31 did, in that the AWL simply represents the long term average score from that correspondent. A core dump bug in spamd has been worked around, except for the "-m" switch. The "-m" switch relies on signal handling in the Perl interpreter, which seems to have some bugs that cannot be worked around reliably on some platforms, so its use is no longer recommended.

  •  06 Jun 2006 09:23

Release Notes: A report can now be stored in the headers, in a terse format, the MX test on the From field is now working, pure-attachment mails are now avoided, and SQL setup statement has been fixed. A patch for qmail support, and new GA-evolved scores have been added, along with lots of new tests.


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