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Version alpha 0.6 of Soxer

Release Notes: This is a major upgrade, but does not break backwards compatibility. It has a lot of new functionality: Atom feeds, discussions, Google ads, Google analytics, and sitemap.xml functionality have been completely integrated. Methods for invoking and placing partials (which are now a part of the soxer distribution) have been added. Soxer uses HAML internally to generate any XML or HTML, so it became a requirement.

Other releases

  •  23 May 2011 07:00

    Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed. This version introduces a new, major feature: static site creation.

    •  01 May 2011 13:45

    Release Notes: This version of Soxer is compatible with Sinatra 1.2.3. It feaures some code cleanup and proper modular Sinatra application scoping.

    •  22 Mar 2011 11:56

    Release Notes: Some inconsistencies in the code and incompatibilities with Ruby 1.9.2 were fixed. A blog project skeleton was added, and some major changes were made in project skeleton handling.

    •  03 Mar 2011 22:31

    Release Notes: Some cleanups and code documentation fixes. A major addition is a hashie type access of document properties that makes Ruby inside HAML cleaner and gives datamapper-like access to documents. A stable version is quickly approaching.

    Release Notes: This version includes completely rewritten documentation, may bugfixes and additional methods for breadcrumb creation, a standardized atom feed generator, and more.


    Project Spotlight


    A program that automatically blocks ssh brute force attacks.


    Project Spotlight


    A Grails 2 tag library that provides useful social media tags to include in Web pages.