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Sourcer is a package installer that uses source tarballs. It is intended for LinuxFromScratch users, or any source freak. It's fast, totally customizable, and a little bit complicated at first.

Operating Systems

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  •  23 Jul 2002 02:43

Release Notes: Fixed problems when mawk and libxml2 were not present, and updated the versions of packages.

Release Notes: This release includes many bugfixes and cleanups, updates to lfs-3.3, features a nicer command display, updates the documentation, features more division of information, and uses auto* tools.

Release Notes: New download lists for wget, updated download locations, auto-download fixes, updated documentation, and an important bugfix at func/ about the 3rd method.

  •  12 Feb 2002 18:30

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the parser and setup instructions, and has some improvements.

Release Notes: There is a new option parser in this version and updated documentation, as well as some bugfixes in other install methods.


Project Spotlight


A unit test facility for command line programs with file input and output.


Project Spotlight


An automation tool for non-experts.