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  •  30 Mar 2006 14:14

Release Notes: This release mostly fixes bugs found in 4.5.5. Issues were fixed in quoted printable handling. A lot of LDAP related issues were fixed. Support for Windows style WebDAV was improved. GCC 4.0 warnings were fixed. Bug reports touched by this release are #995, #1588, #1624, #1590, and #1568.

  •  21 Jan 2005 17:59

Release Notes: SOPE 4.4beta.2 is currently the most stable version of the frameworks and will lead to the first final release. A lot of issues were fixed after 4.3.9, including fixes in the WebDAV/HTTP layer to allow for GroupDAV support, in the iCalendar framework, and in the MIME/IMAP4 parser. The packaging has been greatly improved in 4.4b.2 and is ready for the final release. Enhancements include support for positional SoAction parameters, which allow for much easier handling of XML-RPC requests.

  •  02 Jun 2003 09:04

Release Notes: This release fixes a major problem in the CoreFoundation CFXML SAX driver which made it useless for namespace based XML processing, since attributes did not properly inherit the default-namespace from the element. This problem was specific to the Mac OS X CFXML SAX driver.


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Genealogy software based on the GenTech Genealogical Data Model.


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A load balancer for TCP.