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Somnifugi is an implementation of JMS that works exclusively inside a single JVM to transfer messages between threads. Somnifugi lets you create very loosely coupled subsystems that communicate using the JMS APIs without the overhead of sockets. Somnifugi is particularly useful for isolating the awt Thread so that the user interface will stay lively, for decoupling calls to slower external resources such as database connections, and for speeding up implementations of generic JMS clients by placing decoupled JMS clients in the same JVM.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Aug 2002 04:21

    Release Notes: Support for JMS 1.1, support for message properties, and primitive support for message selectors in Topics were added. overview.html was added, along with the junit toolkit.jar to let tests fail (using Throwable). The meta directory's source was added to the source code bundle, and properties were added to messages. Simple Java predicates were hard coded in a Somnifugi specific interface to start work on message selectors. Properties are now copied through jmsbridge. Version information was added to the .jar files.

    •  05 Mar 2002 19:35

      Release Notes: This release compiles with JSDK 1.4. SomniJNDIBypass and logging of timed out messages have been added. Queue and Topic caches have been separated into new singletons to work with JNDI ObjectFactories. SomniQueueConnection, SomniQueue, SomniTopicConnection, and SomniTopic have been made Referencables in JNDI. Somnifugi is now JNDI compatible. The JMS specification has been marched through, and this release should do everything except priorities, QueueBrowsers, and message selectors. Implemented many previously unsupported methods. It is now down to just priorities and properties. Logging across the entire package has been added.

      •  29 Nov 2001 13:55

        Release Notes: A JMSBridge subproject was added. The build was cleaned up to deliver source code, docs, and libs as separate tar balls. Links were added from index.html to the download and the javadocs. More @exception tags were added for the UnsupportedOperationExceptions. The timing behavior in SomniTopic and SomniTopicPublisher has been deemed to be correct. Professor Lea's overview now shows up in the javadoc.


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