Version 0.4.3-r1 of somaplayer

Release Notes: Mirnor bugfixes were made.

Other releases

  •  06 Feb 2005 06:27

Release Notes: Options for audio outputs were added in the graphical interface.

  •  22 Jan 2005 07:31

Release Notes: This release adds a new icon and graphic interface, drag and drop support, and new options and functions.

  •  01 Nov 2004 10:37

    Release Notes: Now you can activate an admin interface (TCP / Unix) for somaplayer and control it with somaplayer_controller (or somaplayer_controller_g in graphic mode). There is a new configuration for microphone input and the open/save buttons for the icecast/icecast2/shoutcast/lame/ogg config. SdS runs in Unix or TCP mode, and there is a new algorithm for ouput synchronization.

    •  28 Oct 2004 07:09

    Release Notes: Mirnor bugfixes were made.

    •  16 Oct 2004 12:46

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


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