Version 2.0rc1 of Solunas Hotel Management

Release Notes: Localization was added. The Solunas API was expanded. Bugs were fixed. A German translation of the frontend was made.

Other releases

  •  28 Feb 2007 09:25

Release Notes: Analytics code was removed. User handling bugfixes were made. A API Calendar code bug was fixed.

Release Notes: All forms are validated now. Double bookings are not possible anymore. Some ordering bugs have been fixed. An email save error has been fixed. There is easier integration with thickbox. The typo3 extension is alpha now. Backend beautification has been done. There is better validation of the public form (date validation, and a dropdown of max adults and children). A less restrictive person controller for the frontend. The ability to select custom symbols and colors for your calendar in the admin section. The ability to email documents to customers with one click.

Release Notes: The Joomla component was improved. A Turkish translation was added for the Joomla Component. A bug for displaying curreny and date format was fixed.

Release Notes: Joomla Component improvements. New Joomla Component translations: Bulgarian and Indonesian. Bugs have been fixed in Joomla Component (credit card not activated).

Release Notes: Joomla Component improvements were done. The Joomla Component acts as a calendar for viewing availability. Joomla Component translations were added for Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish. Many bugs were fixed.


Project Spotlight


A Java localization library.


Project Spotlight


A GUI frontend for the efax fax program.