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Soiled is a Flash-based telnet client and terminal emulator, supporting both char-by-char and line-by-line mode. In line-by-line mode, it has some features that make it suitable for MUDs, such as aliases, macros, and hotkeys. Since it is implemented in Flash, it can be used from a Web browser.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Nov 2012 20:29

    Release Notes: This release only adds two features: the ability to send escape codes for the numeric keypad and support for displaying tile graphics for NetHack (and forks) when using the vt_tiledata patch and option.

    •  04 Dec 2009 19:29

      Release Notes: This release is a lot more customizable than previous versions. Auto-login has been added, as well as the ability to complete commands and words by pressing tab. Support for the character set CP437 has also been added (for NetHack's IBMgraphics option).

      •  13 Oct 2009 20:01

        Release Notes: Soiled now supports the DECOM, IRM, and LNM control functions. The font can be changed via a command and configuration settings (when in line-by-line mode). URLs in the received text can be opened in a new window with a mouse click. The example installation HTML and documentation have been improved.

        •  08 Oct 2009 18:58

          Release Notes: This release only contains a few minor changes. It is now stable enough to play nethack when connecting to a telnet server. Visible changes since version 0.42 are support for Reverse Index (RI), as well as changing the HOME and END keys to work like xterm's.

          Recent comments

          13 Oct 2009 22:32 wolfsoftware

          Hi Bofh, thanks for the help in debugging that, the instant i removed the spaces it all started working perfectly from windows, will test from ubuntu laptop later :)

          13 Oct 2009 18:35 bofh69

          The's policy-file has the wrong syntax. If your "to-ports" list is to have multiple ports, you can not have any space characters in them, at least not with the linux version of Adobe's flash player. I have tested the server at with firefox on Ubuntu, Safari and firefox on OS X Leopard and with IE7, Chrome and Firefox on Windows Vista, all without problems (except an ugly font on linux, but that has been fixed in trunk). If you don't have some firewall that prevents the flash player from connecting to the needed ports, I don't know what it could be.

          12 Oct 2009 09:50 wolfsoftware

 843, the policy file should be readable, i altered the iptables to allow it. The example site on your page only worked under windows for me.

          09 Oct 2009 16:05 bofh69

          I believe the error means that the policy file could not be read. Perhaps you have a (personal?) firewall that blocks the access? I just tested the example server with flash player 10,0,32,18 and it worked fine. The client need to have access to TCP port 843 for the policy file and port 2001 for the server in the example.

          If you can't find the problem, please file a bug report naming your OS, browser and player versions and I'll dig further.

          09 Oct 2009 15:15 wolfsoftware

          I have tried to install this but it failed with a security error eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048", I have followed the instructions and my policy seems to be being served correctly. I even tried the example link on the page and that failed to


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