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  •  16 Feb 2009 21:46

Release Notes: This release fixes refresh problems when deleting cards. It greatly improves the ACL code and the identities management code.

  •  28 May 2008 02:52

Release Notes: Support for Lightning 0.8 was added. CardDAV addressbooks now appear in the compose window. Support for DAV ACLs was added. A bug was fixed that would attempt to synchronize the vcard of the user's signature to when created or modified.

  •  28 Mar 2008 12:33

Release Notes: Using the German translation would prevent the groupdav address book dialog to appear properly. The synchronize button would no longer be activated. Deleting cards in GroupDAV directories would delete them on the server before the confirmation window was answered. The creation window for remote DAV address books would not validate properly. Handling of personal mailing lists has been added using a versit-style format named "VLIST". Dragging and dropping a card from a GroupDAV directory would not delete the card on the server.

  •  25 Feb 2008 16:54

Release Notes: This is a rewrite of the CardDAV addressbook implementation, which fixes the situation where one was not able to write to a mailing list, with the duplicate entries for such addressbooks and the autocompletion working only one time per two tries. There is an improvement in the performance and the reliability of the freebusy resolution in the attendees window. A hook has been added to give up the startup process to the SOGo Integrator if present.

  •  01 Feb 2008 14:04

Release Notes: Asynchronous autocompletion has been added. Handling of organizers for whom the user ID is an email address has been added. A crash occuring during autocompletion operations on LDAP address books has been fixed. The ability to download cards from OGo has been re-enabled (uploading still doesn't work). A patch to speed up the display of the monthly view in Lightning has been added.


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