Version 0.64 of Inverse SOGo Connector for Thunderbird

Release Notes: The addressbooks are now automatically synchronized at startup. The internal transactions were improved to be more asynchronous and reentrant. The autocompletion of adresses was improved by selecting unique entries and by taking all the available emails into account when building the list.

Other releases

  •  25 Jan 2010 22:24

    Release Notes: Improved VCARD parsing. Support for the webdav-sync protocol and the "synchronize" button.

    •  12 Aug 2009 21:21

    Release Notes: This release fixes the privacy label for the status bar of the event editing dialog. It improves the refresh of caldav ACLs. It fixes mapping of Thunderbird "custom" fields.

    •  14 Jul 2009 20:47

    Release Notes: Updated German and Italian translations. An improved vcard decoder with handling of BASE64 fields and badly-folded lines. Handling of some cases where VLIST would be duplicated has been fixed. Mapping of "TEL" attributes has been fixed. Support has been added for the WebDAV Sync draft specification, thereby improving scalability and speed. There are miscellaneous GUI improvements.

    •  16 Feb 2009 21:46

    Release Notes: This release fixes refresh problems when deleting cards. It greatly improves the ACL code and the identities management code.

    •  26 Jun 2008 12:21

    Release Notes: The response from the server is now checked to avoid inconsistencies and loss of data when synchronizing the address book. The ACL is taken into account when changing the target calendar of the edited event. "Full access" is given to the user when editing local calendars.


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    Project Spotlight

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