Comments for SOFA Statistics

06 Aug 2010 23:25 creaturefan65

SOFA Statistics is easy to use and a very pleasant experience, and I've quickly found it's simply the easiest way to access and query all sorts of databases. Once the planned graphical/charting enhancements are added, I would expect SOFA will take off quickly in terms of popularity and fandom.

I think this has potential to be a revolutionary product in several ways. There are no other products quite like SOFA, and it represents a breakthrough in making statistics accessible to everyone. It's easy enough to be used by the business analyst who doesn't need SPSS, SAS or other systems -- or who just doesn't feel like spending thousands of dollars on a piece of desktop software.

As such, it has potential to bring the benefits of statistics to a whole new population of business intelligence and academic users. The trend that SOFA Statistics may, then, subsequently unleash will likely eventually force IBM and others to make competitive repositionings of enterprise statistics applications such as SPSS.

07 May 2010 18:21 deverne

Grant is a very responsive project manager. Sofa looks very promising from my point of view and I'm waiting for next release to use all its features.

02 Mar 2010 17:03 sofastats

If you are migrating from commercial statistics software like SPSS, SAS or even R, Sofa statistics is a great bet. Not only does it have an intuitive GUI, it is light on system resources and produces neat output in HTML/CSS unlike any other software I have come across. In addition, suggestions and bugs are rapidly addressed by the developer.

09 Jul 2009 19:00 Myckel

This project is really promising. The interface lets you choose the right statistical test and and tables are also easy to make. Some tests and features are not implemented yet, but as soon as these things are implemented statistics will be easy for everyone.

05 Jun 2009 08:51 waynemcdougall

Easy to use, connects to a wide range of databases and works on both Linux and Windows. Straightforward installation, and a simple, elegant design.

HTML tabular data is quick and easy to produce, and generated quicky, even from large data sets. Helpful warnings to stop you running stupid queries.
Data can be exported into spreadsheets.

Basic statistical and summary functions available now, and more expected later.

Highly recommended. The easiest way to get well-presented data from an existing dataset.


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