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  •  26 Jun 2007 04:31

Release Notes: This release features a new communication method between client and server (without serializing objects), a CRC check on the packets, a new, and more accurate HTTP traffic minimization method. Aliases can be defined on the servlet names. JHttpServer can now preload servlets on startup. The ability to fill a list of servers in the client properties file was added (the client will use the first available one at run-time). Parameters chosen by the client include on the fly compression and on the fly encryption. A major bug that could make the client was fixed. Some bugs in the Socks4 and Socks5 handlers were fixed.

  •  07 May 2002 06:47

Release Notes: This release includes code cleanups, JDK 1.4 compatibility, a new logging system (console & logfile), SOCKS 5 support, and direct tunneling support (for creating a tunnel between a local port and a remote computer without using SOCKS). A bug has been fixed in the Socks4a handler, some options to use less HTTP traffic were added, and a spy mode is now available to track the data transferred.

  •  07 Nov 2001 10:55

Release Notes: The SOCKS 4a Protocol is now supported (add DNS resolution to Socks 4). ICQ is working again in this version. The GUI now gives more information on errors. Some minor bugs were corrected.

  •  04 Nov 2001 14:26

Release Notes: The source code is now commented in English. It is now provided as a "standalone" application, so you don't need a servlet engine anymore (actually, it is provided with a light preconfigured version of JHttpServer). You can now specify a maximum time for a connection per user. Some minor bugs have been corrected.

  •  18 Feb 2001 15:48

Release Notes: The source code is commented; Socks via HTTP is now open source.


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