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15 Mar 2008 06:54 socksviahttp
I'am very interested in this project,some times I can't open the official web site,so I created site.(

I'll develope and improve this project.

15 Mar 2008 06:44 socksviahttp

Re: CPU utilisation apache
Socks via HTTP version 1.2 is running very good.
and you can give more infomation about this project
from another site (
I'am very interested in this project,and I created the
I'll develope and improve this project.

05 Nov 2001 03:28 d3wd

CPU utilisation apache
IMHO this project rocks (works very well with most programs), though when I try to jabber through it the apache processes (apache 1.3.19 and JRun 3.1) will start using all my cpu capacity.
Has nyone a clue about this? Perhaps it's because Jabber wants persistant connections? Or is there perhaps a buffer in the java app which fills up?

20 Feb 2001 14:10 florentcueto

The project now is under General Public Licence

23 Jan 2001 06:09 florentcueto

source code
The code will be available with the 0.2 version. I want to add some javadoc first.

23 Jan 2001 05:17 dl

no source code...
the source code is not available,
it is free software as in free beer...


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