Version 0.7.0 of socklog

Release Notes: This version has mostly internal changes: socklog.c has been revised completely, fdbuffer.o was dropped, and djb's unix.a and byte.a libraries used. socklog-conf doesn't complain about cross device links anymore, the manpage symlinks now point to the correct directory, and the documentation is improved slightly.

Other releases

Release Notes: With this version, the socklog-conf program creates the socklog service directories in /etc/sv/ instead of /etc/socklog/, and names them socklog-unix, socklog-klog, etc. Additionally, it creates a ./check script in the socklog-unix service directory, which is utilized by runit's sv program when starting or checking the service.

  •  04 Mar 2006 06:58

Release Notes: This release fixes the build process (program selftests) on Solaris and a race condition in the tryto program (to handle timeouts properly for programs that exit immediately). The documentation has been updated slightly.

  •  12 Apr 2005 02:25

Release Notes: This release fixes some parts of the documentation.

  •  10 Feb 2005 19:34

Release Notes: This release fixes selftests failure on Solaris.

Release Notes: The tryto program now supports a -P option for running the program given at the command line in a new session and signalling the process group on timeouts. The documentation has been updated.


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